[parisc-linux] 9000/712 & Samsung Monitor

Michael Schulz micha28@gmx.de
Sat, 8 Jan 2000 03:15:37 +0100


I can get a 712/60 almost complete, but without a monitor.
So my question is, is it possible to connect a Samsung
Syncmaster 17GLsi with the HP.
  Horiz: 30kHz to 85kHz
  Vert: 50Hz to 120Hz
  Max. Res. 1280 x 1024
  Pix Clk: 135MHz

I never called a HP 9000 my own (only i86 and an Alpha, 100% MS
free) so I don't know so much about HP's.
Thanks for your answer,


BTW: If my English was to bad, please forgive me. This Wine from
New Zealand was to good to say no. I envy all you "New
Zealander's". Is there a Job for me in NZ;-)

You know like - this band sucks.
But it's like they suck like a new way here.
Like - they suck in ways we haven't like seen stuff suck before,
so it's like pretty cool.  (Butthead)