[parisc-linux] Thanks...alot

Eric Schnoebelen eric@cirr.com
Wed, 05 Jan 2000 21:22:43 -0600

Mark Wild writes:
- From: eric@cirr.com [mailto:eric@cirr.com]
- > tom@piace.com writes:
- > - 	Does anyone know if hp has a development version of hpux like
- > - sun has with solaris?  If not does anyone know of a way to reset the
- > - password from the console.
- > 
- > 	Depending upon the OS version and the settings, you
- > should be able to boot the system to single user mode, and reset
- > the password.  I'm a bit out of practice, but if you ``boot
- > isl'', and then enter `/hp-ux -is' (for 9.0x) or `/stand/vmunix
- > -is' (for 10.20), you should be get a single user prompt,
- > without having to enter a password (later OS versions may
- > require the root password to enter single user mode.)
- <snip>
- Being in a similar predicament with a 710 workstation I managed
- to get to the ISL prompt but to boot into single user mode
- I needed to enter 'HPUX -is /hp-ux'. However, after file system
- checking I got a repeated message along the lines of:
- This just filled up my screen.

	Do you get anything besides the above message??  If not,
I'd suggest that either /bin/sh is missing, or HP-UX doesn't
agree with the hardware about where the console is, and the
shell is always getting an EOF when it tries to read the

	At this point, I'd be more towards a missing shell.

	From your boot command line, it sounds like the box is
running 9.0x.  Is this true?

	FYI: 10.20 may still be available for free under HP's Y2K
upgrade program.  I ordered the 10.20 Y2K OS kit on the 30th.  I
haven't seen it yet, but that's another kettle..  Visit
for more details.

- Any suggestions as to what I can do to get root ?

	At this point, you probably need to boot off of the
installation media, and try to replace what appears to be a
missing shell.

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