[parisc-linux] nfsroot howto

Grant Grundler grundler@cup.hp.com
Thu, 24 Feb 2000 18:49:27 -0800 (PST)

Thierry SIMONNET (t.simonnet@esiee.fr) wrote:
| I have a 712/60 Workstation as NFS server and a 712/80 as parisc-linux box. 
| I have some trouble with nfsroot :bootp and tftp process works but 
| IP-Config says : IP-Config : No Network device available. 

I think the problem is you are using HP-UX. :^)
No, really.

I'm pretty sure HP-UX "mknod" creates the special devices *differently*
than parisc-linux wants to interpret them.
HP-UX dev_t is 8 bits Major and 24 bits Minor.
Linux dev_t is 8 bits Major and  8 bits Minor. (according to willy)

Give HP-UX mknod "cooked" parameters in order to create the
special device file linux can use. I might not have cooked
them correctly below....I haven't tried it out yet.

Please try:
o cd /tftpboot/<host>/dev
o rm -f *
o sh mknod.hpux  # appended below

and then try again.


mknod console c 0 0x0501
mknod tty0 c 0 0x0400
mknod tty1 c 0 0x0401
mknod tty2 c 0 0x0402
mknod tty3 c 0 0x0403
mknod tty4 c 0 0x0404
mknod tty5 c 0 0x0405
mknod tty6 c 0 0x0406
mknod tty7 c 0 0x0407
mknod tty8 c 0 0x0408
mknod vcs0 c 0 0x0700
mknod vcs1 c 0 0x0701
mknod vcs2 c 0 0x0702
mknod vcs3 c 0 0x0703
mknod vcs4 c 0 0x0704
mknod vcs5 c 0 0x0705
mknod vcs6 c 0 0x0706
mknod vcs7 c 0 0x0707
mknod vcs8 c 0 0x0708
mknod vcsa c 0 0x0780
mknod vcsa1 c 0 0x0781
mknod vcsa2 c 0 0x0782
mknod vcsa3 c 0 0x0783
mknod vcsa4 c 0 0x0784
mknod vcsa5 c 0 0x0785
mknod vcsa6 c 0 0x0786
mknod vcsa7 c 0 0x0787
mknod vcsa8 c 0 0x0788