[parisc-linux] Metrics Gathering and Quality Measurements

Dunn RobertE Contr ESC Det 5 /NDSI Robert.Dunn@CISF.AF.MIL
Fri, 11 Feb 2000 09:07:53 -0700

	Right now, we have no such data, but I'd be interested in seeing
	analysis.  Several of us have worked on Linux on different


	What file format would you like.  Linux people probably want Corel.
I have Word Perfect.  The school will want satan's Word 97 format.  I am
unsure about posting binary files to the list server.  I can e-mail it
directly to you.  Does anybody else want a copy?  It will be several weeks
before I will have it together.  I can tell you, however, based on what I
have learned thus far, there will be many negatives.  I will attempt to
identify any of the positive points that I can (for example: this list
server and bugzilla - thanks Mike -).  Any information the team can provide
will be most beneficial.

	Remember, my project deals with the quantification of quality.  This
includes the ability of the product team to quantify the quality of the
product.  My analysis will not address the quality of the product, it will
address the quality of the processes.  

	Some other questions:

	Has there been any risk analysis done?  I can see evidence of, at
least some informal, risk analysis.  The discussions about merging Linus'
product with parisc attempts to identify some of the risks that may be
encountered and some of the steps that may be taken to mitigate those risks.

	Have there been any prioritization of tasks?  Has the team
identified tasks that will take longer or have greater risk?  If they have,
have they also identified the earliest possible starting time for these

	Is there a schedule?  It seems as though the project is just moving
in a forward direction with the goal of finishing when it can be finished?
I don't think I have seen any "future" milestones identified, at least, not
with a date associated to them.  There is plenty about accomplished

	Are there budget issues or concerns?  I recognize that some of them
may not be discussed openly.  If any of that type of information is allowed,
then I will be happy to hear it.  I understand that Hewlett Packard in Fort
Collins is writing the checks for this project.

	What role is Linuxcare taking in the project now?  Have there been
any updates to the Puffingroup website in the last couple of weeks?

	Ok, I have rambled on enough for now.  I am looking forward to
answers to these questions.  I shall prepare my next list of questions.

	Again, thanks in advance.