[parisc-linux] Metrics Gathering and Quality Measurements

Dunn RobertE Contr ESC Det 5 /NDSI Robert.Dunn@CISF.AF.MIL
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 10:40:17 -0700

Hi all,

	I have been following this list server for several weeks now.  I
have some questions.  I am in a Software Quality Assurance course in school.
We have a paper to prepare regarding SQA practices on a real project.  I
would like to ask a few questions regarding methods and methodologies in use
on PA-RISC linux port.

	My primary question is, are there any metrics being gathered on the
problems that I see reported on the list server?  Are the problems that are
reported being categorized and counted?  Is there any identification of when
the problem was introduced, when it was identified, and when it was

	Are there any other concepts for porting linux to any other

	Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

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