[parisc-linux] merge with 2.4.0-testN?

Grant Grundler grundler@cup.hp.com
Wed, 09 Aug 2000 21:23:05 -0700

Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> it's been well over 2 months since we last merged Linus' tree into ours.
> i'm thinking about leaving the -test6 patch to mature over the next week
> or so, see if there's any cripplingly awful bug reports and, if not,
> merge -test6 into our tree.  if there are, -test4 had some good reviews,
> i might consider that instead.

ok with me. either way.

> i'm going to tentatively set a date as Thursday 16th August for this.
> if you've got any big changes outstanding, now would be an excellent
> time to commit them before the landscape shifts under our feet.

San Jose, LWE is on until Aug 17th. We will have a RH linux PC, 712, A180
and internet access during the show...so Matt and I might be able to help
some anyway if the HP booth is wonderfully boring. :^)

BTW, should we move to a "linux" or "linux-2.4" repository?
I have no clue what the mechanics are of doing such a move but
this merge might be a good time to do it.


Grant Grundler
Unix Systems Enablement Lab