[parisc-linux] waiting for distro & CDROM problem

John Delisle jdelisle@novia.net
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 03:16:18 -0500


Thanks for all the previous responses to my last message re what am I
missing.  I've decided that I'll install HP UX 10.20 for now, and wait a
while until there is a more hashed out distro.

Anyhow, I tried to install 10.20 and ran into the same problem on both
boxes.  I can't get it to boot off of CD.  I've tried two different SCSI
cdroms, both older Toshibas.  I have autoboot and autosearch on, but it
always comes back with no boot devices available.  All I have hooked up to
the internal 50pin SCSI is the cdrom, ID 6, parity on, termination on.  Is
there some sort of trick?