[parisc-linux] PCI-like busses

Grant Grundler grundler@cup.hp.com
Fri, 03 Sep 1999 11:27:10 -0700

Philipp Rumpf wrote:
> > Not quite - removed support for more than one type of PCI bus adapter.
> > PA platforms only support one type of PCI bus adapter at a time.
> Sorry ? Alex told me the exact opposite when I asked him and I relied on that
>   .


> So:  Are there parisc boxen with more than one type of interface to PCI-like
> busses?

B/C/D class boxen haben PCI u. EISA (u. GSC) "slots".
Since learning EISA/ISA busses are "PCI-like", the answer is "yes".
And if this answer is right, then I'll put back the "multi-bus type"
support in pci.h. I don't get how EISA would use these services
(perhaps just the IRQ stuff?) but I'll trust you on that.

> For example, can I take a Dino-on-a-card card and put it into a box
> which does not use Dino as native-to-PCI bridge ?

Yes - but I'm only aware of K/T class "form factor" (shape/size).
These won't normally fit in the A/B/C/D class boxes which also have
GSC slots. Any other HP person know if any card-mode Dino's were
made for workstations?

(Next week I'll see if I can wedge the K-class one into a workstation


Grant Grundler
Communications Infrastructure Computer Operations