[hppa-linux] Document Priority? (fwd)

Jason Eckhardt jason@equator.com
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 13:46:23 -0800 (PST)

> |   4. Any bug reports that MUST be worked around by the OS. In particular,
> |      I believe the S-chip had problems that could not be ignored by the OS.
> I'm working on PCXL and other CPU docs.  I'll try to find someone that
> remebers the PCXS chip.

   I personally don't care much about S, but apparently the 720 and perhaps one
   or two other models used it. I know some of the people who tested the
   bootstrap code were running on 720's. We do want to cover a large portion
   of the spectrum of 700's and 800's....

> I'll try.  Assuming I can make PS from TROFF and TeX.

  For TeX it's trivial, there is at least one well known .dvi to .ps
  converter. Use your favorite search engine to find "dvips". Then perform
  "dvips -f < xyzzy.dvi > xyzzy.ps".

  As for TROFF, I believe GROFF can emit PostScript.