735 expierience....

Helge Deller Helge.Deller@ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Fri, 16 Jul 1999 03:22:17 +0200

Hello !

Yes, I think the amount of memory/CPU-Data/and booting should be really f=
ine now for all machines !
I would love to hear some booting results too, so please go on and check =

Right now the boot-process hangs, but when you reach the point, that the =
LED's are blinking "in-row", then all what the kernel does right now is o=
Yesterday Phillipp had some code in, where you could see the timer-IRQ wo=
rking, but he checked in again an older version of his code (I don't know=
 why?), so now the kernel hangs at the bogompis-check.

Currently I'm working at the framebuffer-support for the gecko-series (71=
2/715) and right now in the moment I see a nice Yellow-White graphic-disp=
lay on my 715 !
I'm sad, that I have to reduce my coding drastically in the next 2 weeks,=
 but we will see......