Antwort: [parisc-linux] Booting the kernel
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 11:35:13 +0200

I have successfully compiled the 990628 snapshot of the CVS tree on my
715/33. After make vmlinux you get the file /usr/src/linux/vmlinux which is
a "PA-RISC1.1 executable -not stripped". After make Image you get the file
/usr/src/linux/arch/parisc/boot/Image which is a "lif file".  You can copy
vmlinux to /stand and use hpux (the HP-UX secondary system loader) to boot
that file instead of booting via rbootd. I have tried it that way:

1. Switch on the machine.
2. Press the ESC key to stop autoboot.
3. Boot from the primary path and specify to "interact with ISL" to get the
ISL prompt.
4. use hpux to load vmlinux
   hpux disc(2/0/1.6.0;0)/stand/vmlinux
             2/0/1.6.0                   is the hardware path to the boot
                      ;0                 stands for section 0 which means
whole disk or LVM
                        /stand/vmlinux   is the kernel file to boot

Ulrich Strelow
< or>
Berlin, Germany

Davin Petersen <> am 02.07.99 00:41:40

Kopie:     (Blindkopie: Ulrich Strelow/BE/USR/SHG)

Thema:    [parisc-linux] Booting the kernel

After downloading the goodies available from the FTP site I gather that
rbootd is the way to spit the linux kernel to a HP box.  Am I wrong?  Is
there no way of using the ISL?  I tried using the ISL (on my H60), got
an error message and was dumped back to the ISL prompt.

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