[parisc-linux] kernel updates.

Ulrich Drepper drepper@cygnus.com
19 Apr 1999 14:09:12 -0700

Cary Coutant <cary@cup.hp.com> writes:

> This document covers both 32-bit and 64-bit programs, but notes that ELF 
> files are supported on HP-UX only for 64-bit programs. Nevertheless, a 
> complete set of 32-bit relocations is listed in the document (and, yes, 
> some 32-bit relocations have the same number and meaning, but different 
> names, as 64-bit relocations).

But this is a problem.  We might have to change the names then.  One
of the essential things about ELF is that it must be possible to have
support for all kind of architectures in one program.  So all the
definitions have to be able to peacefully coexist in one header file.

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