[kernel] bug#109: An IRC conversation with rusty


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From: willy@ldl.fc.hp.com (Matthew Wilcox)

<rusty> willy: it's hacked around in userspace.
<rusty> willy: or should be... works for ultrasparc, anyway.
<willy> rusty: oh.
<willy> rusty: doesn't seem to be working for PA :-)
<willy> (we're the same endianness... wonder what the problem is)
<rusty> Ahh... the ifeq ($(shell uname -m),sparc64) in the Makefile!
<rusty> willy: -DKERNEL_64_USERSPACE_32 8)
<rusty> willy: what does uname -m give?
<willy> willy@jagu:~/glibc-build$ uname -m
<willy> parisc64
<willy> how about checking for `64' in the uname -m output?  i bet you mips has
           similar issues.
<rusty> willy: Committed in CVS
<willy> Merci beaucoup.