bug#102: [kernel] bug#102: second SCSI on C3000 doesn't work


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From: Grant Grundler <grundler@puffin.external.hp.com>

Paul Bame wrote:
> The second (actually the first) SCSI controller on C3000 doesn't work.
> This one's hooked to the narrow SCSI connector on the back, which had
> a disk and proper termination at the time of the test, which the boot
> rom saw just fine.  This boot log is with terminator but no disk, and
> I think it's the same as when the disk is attached:

I'm surprised we hadn't filed a bug on this before. Thanks for doing it!

> sym53c896-0: suspicious SCSI data while resetting the BUS.
> sym53c896-0: dp1,d15-8,dp0,d7-0,rst,req,ack,bsy,sel,atn,msg,c/d,i/o
>	 = 0x4000100, expecting 0x100
>   etc.!
> sym53c896-0: giving up ...

I suspect the problem is that the SCSI interface chip is capable of
running "wide" (16-bit data path) and the sym53c8xx assumes that's how
it's wired. The upper bits *probably* are not grounded since the interface
out the back is narrow.
Can anyone confirm this? (ie has 896 or c3k motherboard knowledge?)

[ And I just saw Richard's mail saying parity is wrong for upper bits ]

HPUX queries PDC to determine the SCSI ID (+ other attributes)
and programs the 896 chip accordingly *before* the SCSI bus probe.
I assume bus width is one of the attributes but haven't checked.


Grant Grundler
parisc-linux {PCI|IOMMU|SMP} hacker