[parisc-linux] machine migration, action required for some

Paul Bame bame at ldl.fc.hp.com
Tue May 4 16:11:29 MDT 2004

We're moving most of the virtual host names which were aliases of
dsl2.external.hp.com to point at palinux.external.hp.com which until
now was only serving as cvs.parisc-linux.org.  Most people should not
experience any interruption in service but IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT ON
DSL2 read on...

The host names which have moved or will soon move are:


We're not sure the best way and time to move the e-mail related ones yet
but that's coming too.

IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT ON DSL2... and you use any *.parisc-linux.org
host names to refer to personal web pages (I do), move them to

Although we don't have a turn-off date for dsl2, now's a good time to
move those other things you depend upon to palinux.external just in
case...  things like e-mail forwarding and files you share with other
developers via ssh through dsl etc...


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