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Thu Apr 8 08:21:01 MDT 2004


was an error while unpacking the kernel. Unpacked it a second time - now the machine works. Thanks very much!!!!!

Unfortunately, it is not an smp-kernel, but nevertheless, the machine works!! Your howto is brilliant, the people should put this into official usage.



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I am install debian wtih a k260 and k460 with this howto. it is work perfekt.

> I worked on this for a while and finally developed a fairly trivial
> recipe to get debian woody installed on the K460 using the latest
> netinstall iso.  [Note: The K is not well supported on the 2.4 kernel,
> it is better supported under the 2.6 kernel ... It could work well for
> you ... depends upon what you are planning to use it for.]
> I performed this install using:
>       palinux-2.4.22-pa6-20030903-netinst.iso
> But any of the net-install iso images should work.
> The only semi-gottcha is if you are setup to compile your own kernel
> from the cvs tree?  The problem is that linux-2.4.22-pa6 used by the
> installer supports the Serial Mux console ... The kernel installed by
> debian woody (2.4.17) does not.  This is why you would see past those
> last lines.  The recipe I developed to fix this prolem simply installs a
> newer kernel on the box so the Serial Mux console works.
> If you are not setup to compile I have made the kernel I used available
> at:
>       http://parisc-linux.org/~rbrad/vmlinux-2.4.23-pa3.bz2
> Here is the receipe (could posibly be simpler.. but I verified this
> works on my k460):
> 1. Install ...
>         Perform the install ... (do not reboot)
> 2. Execute the base-config ....
>         execute a shell
>         chroot /target
>         mount -t proc proc /proc
>         /usr/sbin/base-config
> 3. Load a newer kernel ...
>         apt-get install wget
>         wget http://somewhere.come/vmlinux-2.4.23-pa3
>       ln -s /boot/vmlinux-2.4.23-pa3 /boot/vmlinux
>         palo
> 4. Change the /dev/ttyB0 device file (it got assigned a real number
> since woody was released):
>         rm /dev/ttyB0
>         mknod /dev/ttyB0 c 11 0
>         chgrp dialout /dev/ttyB0
>         chmod 660 /dev/ttyB0
> 4. Cleanup the chroot...
>         umount /proc
>         exit # leave the chroot
> 5. Exit back to the installer ...
>       exit # Go back to the installer.
>         Reboot the system.
> Hope this helps you.  I am heading off to bed now... so let me know if
> you have any additional problems or questions, I will try to help out
> some more tomorrow!
> Thanks,


Paczkó András

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