[parisc-linux] Re: NCR53c720

Rene Brothuhn rene.br@web.de
Tue, 30 Sep 2003 15:59:32 +0200

On 2003.09.30 04:21 Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> The sym53c8xx driver doesn't support all the chips that ncr53c8xx
> supported (mostly earlier chips like 810).  Now there's the sym53c8xx_2
> driver that supports all the 8xx chips.  In 2.6, we've now eliminated all
> PCI stuff from ncr53c8xx (and it should probably be renamed to ncr53c7xx,
> but I actually have a slightly different plan for renaming it that needs
> other work to happen first).

Fine, the pci-stuff is removed from the driver. This makes it easier to 
adapt the driver to non-pci machines.

I have looked in the ncr53c8xx driver from 2.6 and there is mentioned that 
"interrupt on the fly" is not working correctly for 720. Also 
sym53c8xx_defs.h is included and so the registerset from a 810 is used, 
but the 720/770 registers are slightly different.
Is the NCR_Q720 or zalon driver working?

> OK.  I think the right path forward here is:
>  - I port the ncr53c8xx to use the non-coherent DMA interfaces.
>  - Someone converts the zorro device to embed the struct device.
>  - Someone implements the non-coherent DMA interfaces for PowerPC.

So, maybe I can do that at least for APUS, because some of the needed 
interfaces I already created as a "dirty-hack" inside the 53c770 driver. 
But the mean problem is, that there is no working 2.6 kernel for APUS... 
The other problem is time, but maybe I find some hours on weekend...

>  - Someone adds a zorro720 driver (see NCR_Q720 and zalon for
> inspiration)
>    that's simply a glue layer from zorro to ncr720.

If the rest is working, something like this should not be a big problem...

Ciao, Renč