[parisc-linux] BUSINESS PARTNER

georgeudah@latinmail.com georgeudah@latinmail.com
Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:33:40 +0200

Dear Sir,

I am George Udah, Director of logistics for the government of Liberia
under former President Charles Taylor,I was in charge of the proceeds
from the diamond mines scattered around the countryside, but since
the current president has accepted to go into exile I decided to leave
the country immediately before it is too late.

I have in my possession the sum of fifteen million United States Dollars
(USD15M), Which I am Willing to invest under your care probably in your
company or another you may recommend. I am currently in hiding in Ghana
since my recent escape from Liberia.

I will unfold the procedure for the realization if you indicate your
interest to collaborate and you will get 20% of the total sum as commission.
Should this proposal not interest you, please disregard it without
prejudice However, if you are interested in this proposal, please contact me using
the above

Please do treat this as a confidential issue as any leakage to the present
goverment will be dangerous to me and my family . please treat this with utmost
urgency that it requires.

Best regards

George Udah