[parisc-linux] Function descriptors fall behind Sysdep-cancel, Less failures, and ABI files for Roland.

Carlos O'Donell carlos@baldric.uwo.ca
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 19:50:41 -0500

> I posted a patch a long time ago to unify function descriptor handling
> such that ia64 and pa-risc don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Your patch is definately the correct way to go. When I initially
recommended that Ryan take the issue to the list I didn't realize it was
a function descriptor issue.  

Unfortunately it falls behind the following changes:
	- Sysdep-cancel support.
	- Building glibc without severe testsuite failures
	- Handing Roland the ABI files for HPPA.

After this I plan to follow up on the required function descriptor 
changes, all along the lines of the current ia64/ppc64 implementation.

Current HPPA glibc status:
- New LinuxThreads that doesn't require explicit alignment of locks.
- 2.3.2 builds, various failures.
- Fixing sysdep-cancel support.

I should start sending the patches back here soon.