[parisc-linux] Re: gcc-3.2 -> gcc-3.3 transition on hppa

Randolph Chung Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org>
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 09:35:05 -0800

> I am looking to rebuild gcc-3.3 64bits to rebuild the last kernel 2.4 to
> conitnue my investigation about smp(64bits) [which failled to boot on a N4000
> when compile d with gcc-3.2 get from unofficial-debs].

If you are working on 64-bit, I would advise staying with 3.0.4 for
now.... no one has tested 3.3 hppa64-linux-gcc at all, so it will just
be introducing more unknowns into the problem.

Randolph Chung
Debian GNU/Linux Developer, hppa/ia64 ports