[parisc-linux] RE: Linux on Envizex II

Witvliet, Hans Hans.Witvliet@Alcatel.nl
Fri, 18 Jul 2003 12:31:52 +0200

Hi Lucian,

To be honest, no
All our envizex I & II machines were thrown away (saved one), we only kept
mice, keyboards and displays.
All the ram and flash i sent to someone in Spain.
Certainly it might be considered a waste of resources, but at that time all
of us at work could get a 712/100, and later on C110 and B132 machines. And
these were certainly running linux.

If i remember correctly, it was possible to boot the envizex over the net
from a linux boot-server,
but stil running the enware software (there was an "howto" on that topic,
using enware 7.1 on a redhat tftp machine)

I have no clue if it is NOW possible to run linux of the box itself, (a
couple of years ago not), but perhaps someone on the list has tried it..
Booting from flash would be neat, as it would make a nice and silent machine
for the living room or so,
eventhough it would not break any speed records ;-)) 


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Subject: Linux on Envizex II

Hi there!

Sorry to bother, I got your email address from a discussion liston the net,
in which you were

"It is some time ago, but i remember that I could launch remote shells on a
Envizex. (get/set config, ps and floppy operations)
I hoped that (someday) they could boot linux from flash..."

Did you manage to find any more information on whether is possible to run
Linux on the Envizex II
boxes - for example make them boot from the net or re-flash them?

Thank you!


PS: I got one Envizex II box and I thought I couls play with it a bit... :)

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