[parisc-linux] 2.6.0-test1-pa1, fails, to, boot, on, rp2430

James Bottomley James.Bottomley@steeleye.com
17 Jul 2003 11:53:44 -0400

On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 11:52, Randolph Chung wrote:
> > Freeing unused kernel memory: 508k freed
> > Adding 250872k swap on /dev/sda2.  Priority:-1 extents:1
> > 
> > Here it hangs. (just in case, i tried a telnet but no success)
> > 
> > I so do a toc.
> > 
> > Unfortunately the IAOQ = 0x00000000000172b8  is not a relevant value?
> looks like a userspace address....

Actually, I think it's an address in a module.  If it were from
userspace, it would have the bottom two bits set.

Unfortunately, I don't seem to have the email you're replying to, so I
can't tell if that's true or not.  If we could get the 64 bit compile to
do kallsyms, that would tell you definitively.