[parisc-linux] Sound in 2.5

Thibaut VARENE varenet@esiee.fr
Sat, 12 Jul 2003 14:34:18 +0200

On Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:21:54 +0200
R=FCdiger Scholz <rscholz@hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de> wrote:

> Hi there!
> Had anyone success compiling a kernel with sound support enabled? If  I=20
> enable the ALSA harmony driver, I get a lot of errors during compile:
> ---------------SNIP-------------
>       LD      sound/isa/wavefront/built-in.o
>       LD      sound/isa/built-in.o
>       CC      sound/parisc/harmony.o
>     sound/parisc/harmony.c:80:21: asm/gsc.h: Datei oder Verzeichnis
>     nicht gefunden
> ---------------SNAP-------------
> The compiler didn't find the file "asm/gsc.h" (first error message:=20
> "Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden"). But if I put there the right=20
> path to gsc.h it won't compile either.
> Any hints to make some noise with a 2.5-kernel?
>   =20

I guess that a part of the answer stands there:

Revision 1.5 , Fri Nov 1 01:04:30 2002 UTC (8 months, 1 week ago) by willy
Move gsc_read,write[bwl] to asm/io.h.  Move drivers/parisc/busdevice.h
to drivers/parisc/gsc.h.  Move the rest of include/asm-parisc/gsc.h
to drivers/parisc/gsc.h.  Edit dozens of files to remove the include
of <asm/gsc.h>

I tried to reproduce, correcting the path to gsc.h, and here's what

  CC      sound/parisc/harmony.o
sound/parisc/harmony.c: In function `snd_card_harmony_playback_open':
sound/parisc/harmony.c:712: structure has no member named `dma_private'
sound/parisc/harmony.c:713: structure has no member named `dma_type'
sound/parisc/harmony.c:713: `SNDRV_PCM_DMA_TYPE_PCI' undeclared (first use
in this function)
sound/parisc/harmony.c:713: (Each undeclared identifier
is reported only once sound/parisc/harmony.c:713: for each function it
appears in.)
sound/parisc/harmony.c: In function `snd_card_harmony_capture_open':
sound/parisc/harmony.c:736: structure has no member named `dma_private'
sound/parisc/harmony.c:737: structure has no member named `dma_type'
sound/parisc/harmony.c:737:`SNDRV_PCM_DMA_TYPE_PCI' undeclared (first use
in this function)
sound/parisc/harmony.c: In function `snd_card_harmony_hw_params':
sound/parisc/harmony.c:784: warning: unused variable `runtime'
sound/parisc/harmony.c: In function`snd_card_harmony_pcm_init':
sound/parisc/harmony.c:827: warning: passing arg 2 of `request_irq' from
incompatible pointer type
sound/parisc/harmony.c: In function`snd_card_harmony_create':
sound/parisc/harmony.c:1033: warning: implicit declaration of
sound/parisc/harmony.c:1033: warning: assignment makes pointer from
integer without a cast
sound/parisc/harmony.c: At top level:
include/sound/initval.h:140: warning: `get_id' defined but not used
make[2]:***[sound/parisc/harmony.o] Error 1

Since I've not closely followed the last change made to 2.5, I cannot tell
right now what's wrong. Maybe willy can give us some hints there? ;)
Laurent Canet, which is the author of this driver, is currently on
vacation (as I'm supposed to be, btw ;P) so don't expect any help from him
before a little while.

I'll have a closer look and try to find out what's wrong.

Thibaut VARENE
The PA/Linux ESIEE Team