[parisc-linux] Kernel compilation for B2000

Joel Soete jsoe0708@tiscali.be
Fri, 4 Jul 2003 15:56:44 +0200

Hi Mark,

> Seems I have the same problem on a B2000 with the latest cvs'ed version
> (2.4.21-pa1)

The problem is not with b2k but well with 2.4.21-pa1 which is refreshed very
recently. But I proposed a fix to Grant who would be able to ci soon.
In the mean time (if you do not need actualy ide support for cd-rom) you
can un-select this temporarely this from your config.

Now for 64bits kernel it works (b2k allows 32 & 64 bits kernels ;-) ).
But for 32bits otc you will need also to wait that Grant ci another patch
(or reverse pa1 patch to come back to pa0).


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