[parisc-linux] X problems...

Joel Soete jsoe0708@tiscali.be
Fri, 21 Feb 2003 17:17:49 +0100

Hi Dan,

I also install a b2k with linux, also I am very interrested by your information.

I so download rpms that you mentionned and install it.

I just first notice that they are just different revision of the kernel
module for hpgfx :). But, after a quick search on google, I read that it
must exists somewhere a set of user space tools as FXconfig.sh (to config
XFree86 if I well understand). Any info about this?

Some other notes:
using rpm to install sources I read in SPEC file:
_Distribution_: Red Hat Linux 6.2 (2.2.16-3)
ok that is just a text but it makes me feel that it would run on 2.2 kernel
In your knowledge, is there some more recent release supporting 2.4?

And finaly (the very bad news) I think that I found the answer to your original
question (gcc complaints about unknown code IIRC):
_BuildArchitectures_: i386

And effectively a quick 'find' in sources makes me appear that there are
unfortunaltely asm code (specific to i386 arch :( )

So finaly I am interrested to know how do you build your module:
for me a simple make failled because it did not know where to find some
and rpm -bb SPECS/tag... failled because of architecture restriction?

Sorry to not be more helpfull,

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>the other driver is at
>Dan Baker
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>On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 05:42:29PM -0800, Dan Baker wrote:
>> BUT, I did download source code for HP's Intel linux visualize driver.
>> can't get it to compile, the assembler tells me there's an invalid opcode
>> (??) in the .o file. I'm not really a programmer, so I'm hoping somebody
>> there can take a look at what they're doing and fix it.
>Well, it's not that easy even for someone who can read C.
>First, some bad news:
>o x86 version of the card has extra VGA cruft+BIOS.
>  PA-Risc version uses STI firmware for initialization.
>o IIRC, the X11 server (or maybe just gfx card driver?) is a custom,
>  closed source code.  Hopefully I'm wrong and someone will correct me.
>o I'll guess that many (most of the?) interesting bits are in the XF86
>  hpgfx driver module. I'm assuming one exists.
>Good news: 3d acceleration for x86 cards uses the same RISC engines
>as the parisc cards.
>Several years ago I asked someone in the HP gfx group if they
>could port the HPUX driver to parisc-linux but our port wasn't
>ready then (I think it is now). The gfx driver interacts *alot*
>with the rest of the kernel *and* the X11 server.
>The above is what I remember from conversations with people.
>> The files are at
>> c.rpm
>> and
>> c.rpm
>uhm...'cuse me, but aren't those the same?
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