[parisc-linux] B132L+ and PCI cards

Martin K. Petersen mkp@mkp.net
03 Feb 2003 12:58:22 -0500

>>>>> "baddy" == baddy  <baddy@free.fr> writes:

baddy> I've got a B132L+ with which I am trying to have a 16 ou 24
baddy> bits (better than the original 8-bits framebuffer mode) : I've
baddy> inserted a S3Trio64V2/DX based card but the B132L+ lock at
baddy> boot.

Unfortunately it seems that HP has a check in the firmware that only
allows booting with HP-branded graphics cards.

I have tried several brands in both C160 and C3000, and both machines
refuse to boot with non-HP graphics cards installed.

OTOH, the firmware appears fairly relaxed about unknown
SCSI/network/whatever cards.  It's only graphics.  Sadly :/

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