[parisc-linux] quad tulip now not functional in 2.4.20

Peter Lavender plaven@bigpond.net.au
Mon, 3 Feb 2003 20:40:15 +1100

> > Who would be a good contact for such a change?
> In general, Thibaut or myself.
> Anyone with CVS *write* permission can change the parisc-linux
> web page but most don't touch it.

I'll admit to actually putting my hand up quite some time back to take
a look at the hwdb stuff.. but time pressures of part time study,
family etc sort meant I didn't get that far with it.

However, if I can find archive sent to me, I'll try to get it at least
installed here before Uni starts again for me and _try_ to make some
contribution....  but no promises.

Any suggestions etc should be noted somewhere, and the archive I guess
is as good as any, and I'll try getting something sorted out.

But again, don't hold your breath... I did volunteer for this a long
time ago, but it didn't come to anything then either... sorry.. :(