[parisc-linux] kernel compile

Aaron St. Pierre asp@ungod.com
Mon, 3 Feb 2003 01:43:28 -0500

Yea I missed that one. With this version of the firmware you have to
request the specific PIM, HPMC, LPMC, TOC. Anyway I got the the TOC
information for both processors after I tried to boot my kernel. It is
all on that page ( http://hadron.dyndns.org/parisc/ ) 

I also added a link to the firmware. I am running 2.0 of the firmware
and according to hp the most recent is 2.1 or : 

Patch Name: /firmware_patches/hp/cpu/PF_CJ224021
Description: HP 9000 Model J2240 firmware 2.1 patch
Date       : 00/10/06

I will start popping stuff out of the kernel, although I am sure I took
out all of the stuff wrt graphics. Another try for persistance sake wont
hurt :) 

As far as the palo message, i only started noticing it when I went to
v1.2 of palo. One thing I should note, when I set up / i made it ext3,
boot is off of / and not its own fs so when i realized what i did I just
changed fstab accordingly so it would mount as ext2, although that
couldn't be the problem either since it is loading the debian kernels.
Perhaps sleep is in order ?


In another life Grant Grundler wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 12:33:36AM -0500, Aaron St. Pierre wrote:
> > I setup a page with all of the information from the "basics" section
> > of the faq. That page is : http://hadron.dyndns.org/parisc/
> very good.
> j2240 is pa8200 - ie 64-bit capable.
> But don't use 64-bit kernel unless you know why you need to.
> > Grant, I did as you said, and the same thing happened. What disturbs me
> > is when it stopped at the brancing message and I waited about 15 minutes
> > then pressed the toc button there was still nothing in the pim ( I
> > cleared it prior to boot) I hope this doesn't mean the kernel isn't even
> > loading and it has something to do with palo. 
> your PIM dump only has the HPMC/memory/IO sections.
> Didn't "ser pim" give you LPMC and TOC sections too?
> Secondly, since your j2240 is dual CPU, the PIM dump should contain
> the same info (HPMC, LPMC, TOC) for both CPUs.
> Can you check if you firmware is anywhere near the current?
> (See http://www.parisc-linux.org/faq/index.html#PDCupdate)
> And the following from your log worries me despite the "ignore" part:
> | Information: Boot device can't seek past 2Gb (ignore next error).
> | byteio_read: seekread() returned -1 expected 2048
> But nothing else indicated a problem loading the vmlinux.
> I just don't see that when booting my a500.
> It could be a difference in how palo interacts with IODC.
> If you don't get any other hot tips, start disabling things in
> the .config that you don't need: Parport, SBA/LBA/IOSAPIC,
> USB, LCD/LED support, wireless, extra lan/scsi drivers, etc.
> grant
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