[parisc-linux] sstfb crash

Arjen Hommersom arjenh@chello.nl
Sat, 26 Apr 2003 20:14:31 +0200

On Friday 25 April 2003 20:19, Joel Soete wrote:

> >IAOQ = 10135394
> >Func: kfree, Off: 34, Addr: 0x10135394
> here is the kernel function which made panic kernel. (why? we need
> expert help)

It seems that the crash occurs at this code piece (line 902 of sstfb.c):

        if (old_bpp != var->bits_per_pixel) {
            if ((err = fb_alloc_cmap(&display->cmap, 0, 0)))
                return err;
            sstfb_install_cmap(con, info);

old_bpp is some strange value (seems random, nothing realistic) and is not 
equal to var->bits_per_pixel (16 in my case). The fb_alloc_cmap is called to 
free the old colormap and that seems to be impossible. Commenting out that 
call and setting the monitor type to 1024x768 makes it work most of the 

Any suggestions for a correct fix are appreciated.

Arjen Hommersom