[parisc-linux] How to put patch 2.4.21 available in ftp.p-l.o?

Grant Grundler grundler@parisc-linux.org
Wed, 23 Apr 2003 11:33:32 -0600

Joel Soete wrote:
> As mentioned in other mails, I would like to make my patch 
> 2.4.21-pre7-pa3x available for all for revision.

(he meant "for all to review")

Joel mailed them to me and I've put them under:

grundler@dsl2:/home/ftp/patches/2.4.21-pre7-pa3x$ ls
00_Parisc_Debian-configs.patch.bz2  04_Diva_support.patch.bz2
01_Parisc.patch.bz2                 05_generic-tree.patch.bz2
02_CpqfcTS.patch.bz2                patch-2.4.21-pre7-pa3x.bz2

thanks for preparing this!