[parisc-linux] Our new toy + terminal questions.....

Smartelectronix - Bram bram@smartelectronix.com
Sun, 6 Apr 2003 13:36:12 +0200

Hi everyone, (I'm new to the list)

Today my mates and I went to pick up our new *ahem* 'toy'

HP9000 D270/2 + 512Mb RAM + 8 x 9-gig & 8 x 4Gig + UPS + ...
No graphics out, only a serial terminal output.
We've got it up and running and are trying to install Debian
(Woody) on it.

Everything works just fine, but when the semi-graphical installer
kicks in, we -obviously- get large pieces of garbage on the terminal.

Is there a way to set the debian installer to use simple-ascii only 
without colors/...? Or is there a better terminal program we can use
that can display colors/.. better? Selecting things in the installer
is pretty much hit and miss too.

Or, alternatively, is there a (simple) way to get some kind of graphics
card + monitor for our D270?

Thanks a lot,

 - bram

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tel: +32 (0) 486 15 77 68