[parisc-linux] soft power and power light on 712/60

Joel Soete jsoe0708@tiscali.be
Wed, 2 Apr 2003 10:32:40 +0200

>I have had no heat problems.  The IBM drive is a 68-pin SE drive from '98.
> It runs very cool and never gets too hot to touch.

Well, that is nice 4u.

>  I  put it internally
>since that was easier than finding an unused external enclosure.
I well understand.
>Did the soft power & light work with the external enclosure?

Sorry, could not help you right now: my only linux boot disk (a Seagate)
is running a 64bits N (and it spend long time to reboot) and the rest are
only data disk used on hpux :(.

The very last stuff I foreseen that you could check is the symbios driver
compile into your kernel.
I personaly use the rev2 one (the only way I know to check this is by looking
into your kernel config file which stand normaly into your /boot dir).

hope this will help you anyway,

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