[parisc-linux] PDC console problem.

Naresh knaresh@india.hp.com
Tue, 01 Apr 2003 13:08:15 -0600

A small correction to the original mail: the kernel source that was compiled
was the one thats listed as latest ( cvs/linux_latest.tar.gz), which I guess
is 2.4.20-pa22. I have booted this very same kernel off an L-Class machine
with the PDC console option off.


Ryan Bradetich wrote:

> > I was going through some of the FAQ and the mailing list archive and
> > understand that the PDC console is not a full blown console and can only
> > display output. Is is true that the PDC console cannot accept keyboard
> > input? Or am I missing something?
> Hmm.. The pdc_console has both read and write capabilities.  We used the
> PDC console for K/E class systems before the SerialMux driver was
> written.  I am not familiar with the PDC simulator, but I would be
> willing to test the pdc console again on K-Class.
> Which kernel are you using?
> Thanks,
> - Ryan
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