[parisc-linux] E35 816 Server & PA/Linux

Christoph Plattner christoph.plattner@gmx.at
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 22:57:49 +0100

You may have a chance, using this machine as a diskless machine
with NFS ROOT file system.

We have added a "PDC ROM console" driver to the kernel (I needed this
for my E55). You can compile a kernel with the CONFIG_PDC_CONSOLE
(config under "Non-standard serial port support" under "Character
and follow the setup instruction in the HELP of CONFIG_PDC_CONSOLE.
(Creating the device `/dev/ttyB0' and setting up the `console=ttyB0'
kernel line parameter and modify `/etc/inittab'.

If it is the same as on my E55, you cannot access the serial ports
(MDP MUX board with 8 serial), the parallel port and the SCSI interface.
The serial port-0 on the MUX is used a PDC console (default setup),
and the new linux driver accesses this ROM PDC console (port 0).

The core machine and ethernet is working on my E55.

I hope this helps and good luck

Christoph P.

"Dreeling, Michael" wrote:
> Hi People,
> I've got a newly acquired E35 816 Server which i'm trying to stick PA-Linux
> onto.
> Unfortunately i get this old error, which i have seen many people have
> problems with.
> Loading ramdisk 1946807 bytes @ 03e14000...
> Branching to kernel entry point 0x00100000.  If this is the last
> message you see, you may need to switch your console.  This is
> a common symptom -- search the FAQ and mailing list at parisc-linux.org
> I had seen on the site that someone had an E35 up and running (in the
> Hardware Database)
> but i also know that the E Series are officially unsupported. I tried the
> 0.93 (latest) Version from the 50MB ISO.
> Is there any way i can get parisc lunix onto this Box??
> Thanks
> Michael
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