[parisc-linux] 735 and FW SCSI

Chuck atkinsc@yifan.net
Sat, 29 Jun 2002 17:08:41 -0500

Well would I be able to use the current netinst iso to install onto the

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J. David Anglin said:
> The Outfield FW interface is differential.  Disks on this interface are
> not compatible with the suppored narrow interface.

Fast-wide differential?  I knew I was missing something.  And I've got
one of those beasts on a shelf behind me too ...  =)

Who has the power & might to update the Outfield FW entry in the hwdb
to include a note that it's differential SCSI?

Thanks for the correction, Dave.  I guess Chuck is going to have to find
some 'normal' SCSI disks, or go for the NFS-root option.


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