[parisc-linux] (no subject)

on on 665544@wp.pl
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 13:59:02 +0200

I've got HP9000 710 workstation without power supply. 
It's quite old machine, but I'd like set it up anyway. 
The problem is I've no idea how to connect any power supply to 
the motherboard  - I have not oryginal power supply. 
Anybody knows this standard - where's 12 V, where's 5V, GND etc. 
There are(on the motherboard) 2 connectors: 
first is 14 pins, second is 5 pins, and I suppose the bigger one 
is supply(maybe this small one is that too?).
The other question is for keyboard - what about using PS/2 
Thanks a lot. 


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