[parisc-linux] SCSI driver for E-class servers - SPIFI ?

Christoph Plattner christoph.plattner@gmx.at
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 23:18:32 +0200


Grant Grundler wrote:
> Christoph Plattner wrote:
> > Hello Grant,
> >
> > MUX:
> > ----
> > So, what is then the status of the docu then. You (I think it was you),
> > said something about a non-disclosure agreement. Is this opportunity
> > still active ?
> Yes - I've already asked the person who can do this and they agreed to.
> The issue was finding time to do it.  Please be patient with us since
> "business issues" are keeping us busy right now. It might take
> another month but hopefully not that long. We'll contact you off list
> when it's ready.

Oh, no problem, I will patient here. From an older email, I thougt, 
this process was cancelled, I thought you wrote, that you will to 
that (the driver). So I was interested in the status. So now I am
up-to-date, ok.

> > SCSI:
> > -----
> > Are there plans to start developing the SCSI driver on base of this
> > NetBSD driver ?
> Yes - I was pretty sure you or rbrad was going to port that. ;^)
> In any case, someone who cares will make this port happen.

Ok, I will look, if I can help here. I have some experience in ethernet
work (and a little bit serial), SCSI and block devices are new for me,
but I am interested in (month by month, new regions of the kernel can
be discovered ..., I like it ....)

> > Common:
> > -------
> > Is there a need to handle the bus system in a special way, or are the
> > devices full accessable, interrupts assigned, etc..., or is there
> > special
> > work to do ?
> The MMIO access makes the system bus transperent.
> Interrupts will require some small bit of work identical to
> what's be done for Zalon SCSI support.

Ok, that helps in starting driver development.

> grant

Christoph P.

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