[parisc-linux] 2.4.18-pa35 SMP process hangs on a J200

Thibaut VARENE varenet@esiee.fr
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 10:08:05 +0200

Le mardi 11 juin 2002, =E0 07:36 , Ryan Bradetich a =E9crit :

> Digging into the system a bit, here is what I found:
> 	* The setiathome process that hung (PID 326) will hang any other
> 	  process that tries to access /proc/326/*.  (This is why top,
> 	  ps, etc all hang after the process gets stuck).
Here we run a setiathome client, a distributed.net client, and from=20
times to times we build isos.

This is consistent with what we experienced, but the first time we=20
remarked a hung (after 44 days of uptime), all proccesses that try to=20
get info about running processes, such as 'top', 'ps' or even a 'ls=20
/proc/PID/' would hang. 'w' would also hang, but not 'uptime'. It was=20
with -pa16.

The second time we got a hang, with -pa33, 'ps -ef' hung just before=20
displaying info about the setiathome client.

Another interesting thing is that after issuing any of these commands,=20=

the loadavg increased by 1, ie if we got a loadavg of 2.00 before trying=20=

a ps, a w and a ls /proc/PID, we would get a loadavg of 5.00 after these=20=

3 commands.
> 	* None of the other processes appear to be stuck. (ie. I can
> 	  access the /proc/PID/* information and the command will 	 =
We cannot access such info, alas.
Anyway, as Randolph Chung said, Paul Bame's work might be interesting...

Thibaut VARENE
PA/Linux ESIEE Team