[parisc-linux] PA-RISC 0.9.3 + C200 + Visualize-EG = HPMC

hplinux@eagle.grdl.noaa.gov hplinux@eagle.grdl.noaa.gov
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 12:03:24 -0500

Hello PA-RISC list,

I have successfully installed Debian 3.0/PA-RISC-Linux 0.9.3, on an
C200, but cannot get X working to save me. Following earlier posts to
this list
I made sure that only one screen resolution was specified in my
file (1280x1024-8, matching the stifb settings for the console) and
it via "fbset -i". 

The graphics card on my C200 is a Visualize-EG (A4450A) which is, I
believe, a GSC vs. PCI card. In any case, trying to start X blanks the
screen, then a few seconds later I get a High Priority Machine Check
error as the workstation locks up. Any insights or workarounds most


P.S. I tried a newer kernel, 2.4.17, to no avail.