[parisc-linux] Power LED

Hinrich Aue hinrich_aue@yahoo.de
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 11:15:05 +0100 (CET)

>715/64, 715/80 and 715/100 belong to the so-called
>715/new machines and all of those support the
>switch, else you wouldn't have received the 
>"Shutdown requested..." message. 
>In your case I assume, that your filesystems wasn't
>before you did shutdown your system....

>BTW, the shutdown is initiated by the kernel by
>a SIGINT to the PID (cad_pid) of the init process.
>is done in the file power.c:
>After receiving this signal the init process switches
>the runlevel,
>shuts down your system cleanly and runs
>or /sbin/halt. This is already the case and is also
>that way for ATX systems.


But if I push the power button, the init process
doesn't seem do change the runlevel, and power off
I can see the message "Shutdown requested..." and then
- power off -.
I think this souldn't be so.
Also I think it is a bit dangerous if everyone can
switch of the system, clean or unclean, just by
pushing the button.
Maybe a 5 second push-time would be good (like ATX)
but with a gracefull shutdown.
After all the halt script does not power off my
I have to switch it off manually.


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