[parisc-linux] Power LED

Christoph Plattner christoph.plattner@gmx.at
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 23:41:30 +0100

YES !!! The LED is software controlled !

I know, that my LED on the 712/60 flashed, as long as I am in
the PDC boot loader, after booting the OS, the LED stays on,
shutting down the switched off the LED.

I think the LED is normally controlled by the PDC LED control,
where RUN/WARNING/CAUTION/FATAL/.... can be defined, but on the
712 I never tried it. On the E55 I could control the LEDs in this
way, which is definitly different to the 720/730 and to the
machines with LCD.

Christoph P.

James S wrote:
> this might be a daft question.......
> what causes the power led to go out on the 712 systems ?
> is it software controlled ?
> James S
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