[parisc-linux] Problem with the current HP PA setup of debian

Helge Deller deller@gmx.de
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 08:28:16 +0100

On Thursday 14 February 2002 00:31, Christoph Plattner wrote:
> Hello PA-RISC hackers !
> Since the last update a few days ago (apt-get dist-upgrade),
> I cannot login as ROOT on the console (/dev/ttyS0), although
> `/etc/securetty' includes `ttyS0'.

Hi Christoph,

I had a lot of problems with the latest debian libc6 packages,
downgrading them again to 2.2.4-7 cured all my problems.
All 2.2.5-X (X=1..3) libc6 packages seem broken.
Maybe this also helps in your case ?