[parisc-linux] $$divU undefined reference

Arnaud.ATOCH@oecd.org Arnaud.ATOCH@oecd.org
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:23:24 +0100

First thanks for your great port.

I'm trying to compile sqlrelay http://www.firstworks.com/sqlrelay on a 0.9.3
HP 712 box with 2.4.16 kernel and deb packages up-to-date.

I got the following linking error message :

ecodev01:/tmp/rudiments-0.23/src# ld -G -o ../lib/librudiments.so.0.23
daemonprocess.o signalclasses.o commandline.o server.o client.o
semaphoreset.o sharedmemory.o randomnumber.o regularexpression.o text.o
datetime.o permissions.o -lc -lm -ll
server.o: In function `std::__default_alloc_template<true,
0>::_S_chunk_alloc(unsigned, int&)':
_allocEjRi+0xa0): undefined reference to `$$divU'

Some reading of the mailling list archive seems to indicate that this is an
already known issue.
I could not find if it has been fixed or not.

A quick grep -l divU /usr/lib reports :

Should I understand that this divU function is used but I can not find which
library to link ? or are all these libs broken ?


Arnaud Atoch