[parisc-linux] EISA NIC - HWP1850?

Grant Grundler grundler@dsl2.external.hp.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 22:51:30 -0700

Bob Apodaca wrote:
> KU82596CA-33
> L5182661
> SZ717 C

Have you tried searching on google for this part #?
I believe the original project name was Apricot.
Anyway, I believe the NIC integrated in LASI is also 82596.

> The HP part number on the card is 25567-60003.  I've seen this card
> referred to as "HWP1850".
> If no-one has this card, I *may* be able to arrange a donation if we can
> get a driver.


Do I still qualify?
[ I don't need the card...but I'm sure I could find someone who could..]