[parisc-linux] lp0 kablooie

Jbit james_a_n_lee@yahoo.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 02:58:32 +0000

Greg Ingram wrote:

> Writing data from my C100 to /dev/lp0 makes the kernel go kablooie.  It's
> the kernel from the recent (0.9.3?) iso.  Known problem?  Any more info I
> could supply that would help?  I've appended everything on the console
> from the crash, through the power cycle, to mounting disks again.  

Hrm, not knowing what the exact problem is, i'd say its worth trying the latest cvs kernel
(the debian-hppa-0.9.3 kernel is 2.4.9, IIRC)

Then, if it still gives an error, submit a bug report or somthing ;)


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