[parisc-linux] apache weirdness

Paul Telford paul_telford@hp.com
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 10:46:44 -0800

On Friday 08 February 2002 9:26 am, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> <puts on apache maintainer's cap>
> In the apache-dev package, there's /usr/sbin/apache.dbg which is an
> unstripped binary you can use to debug problems like this.

I wasn't able to make much progress trying to debug, since my copy of the 
source didnt match up with apache.dbg.  So I used apt-get to get the latest 
source, recompiled and the problem is gone.  So maybe there is some 
incompatibility between my system and the one used to compile the binary .deb 
package...  anyway, problem solved, relatively painlessly.  Thanks for the