[parisc-linux] CD-Rom installation troubles 785/C3000

DJ Tha Muggs djmuggs@primare.xs4all.nl
Sat, 2 Feb 2002 15:18:31 +0100


I just started installing parisc-linux for the first time on my C3000.
I Hooked up an SE SCSI CD-Rom to the narrow connector on the back.

The systems sees the CD-Rom and also is booting fine from this CD-Rom.
After partitioning the Harddisk and mounting it, it is ready to install the kernel.
When i do this it asks me for the installation medium, this is my CD-Rom where i booted it from, but it is not able to find it.

I went into the shell mode and did a DMESG, but i was not able to find my SCSI cd-rom in there :(

Can anyone tell what goes wrong and tell me how to fix this?


Cristian van Ee.