[parisc-linux] Graphics support

Jbit of Plasma james_a_n_lee@yahoo.com
Fri, 01 Feb 2002 06:10:01 +0000

 >>	I notice PA-RISC Linux has X11 working now, but I gather that is via
 >>the STI?  Is that correct?  Would that make it pretty slow?
 > STI is just the interface to present text on the graphics head.
 > Frame Buffer driver actually, iirc.

Yeah, X11 uses the framebuffer driver, it's quite fast (faster then I expected anyway)

 >>	I just wondered if you could give me any information on the status
 >>of a proper graphics driver for PARISC Linux, it seems HP is being funny
 >>about letting people have the docs for their chipsets maybe?
 > Funny? That's a very polite way of putting it.
 > TCD doesn't seem to be interested in publishing those docs.

I assume this includes the 712 gfx chipset (the "artist" chip, iirc)
Wonder why they don't want to release any infomation? Is there any unoffical infomation, a proper X driver should make it faster.

 >>Also though I
 >>wanted to consider whether use would be made of HP's colour recovery
 >>technology?  From what I have read, currently in HPUX you must compile your
 >>apps to support the Colour Recovery extension.  However, would it be
 >>possible for this to be inbuilt somehow into the XServer when a proper
 >>driver exists for it?  Many of the lower end workstations only have an 8bit
 >>framebuffer but do support Colour Recovery, and with apps like gnome and gtk
 >>making extensive use of high colour graphics, it seems a shame to not use
 >>this probably under utilised HP technology.

Sorry to ask, but I couldn't seem to find any docs on it, whats "Colour recovery"?


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