[parisc-linux] quad tulip now not functional in 2.4.20

jsoe0708@tiscali.be jsoe0708@tiscali.be
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 18:42:02 +0100

Hello Grant,
>>>I've looked a bit at the same problem on A500 with
>>>a regular (single port) HP tulip card.
>>>> In the following dmesg out takes for 2.4.20-pa13 and 2.4.19-32 (debi=
>>>> it seems that the older kernel is finding the transceiver and
>>>> successfully auto-negotiating the link while the newer is not.
>>>yeah - same symptom that I saw.
>>>> Any ideas how to solve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>>>I suspect it's a tulip driver bug.
>>>I haven't had a chance to diff the 2.4.19 vs 2.4.20 tulip driver.
>>>One idea might be to "forward port" the 2.4.19 drivers/net/tulip code
>>>into 2.4.20.
>>Same on B2k with add card.
>>Hmm I notice strange detail:
>>2.4.19 : lan heart bit on (even if interface not configure)
>>2.4.20 (& 21-pre1) : no lan heart bit on (interface configured or not)
>>I will try to revert tulip driver and advise you.
>Well I find some minutes to do this reverse and it works.
>Still have to find the bug ?
Hmm I suspecting a test in eeprom.c:
line 193: if (ee_data[27] =3D=3D 0 || ee_data[ee_data[27]] =3D=3D0) {

which i temporarely change by if (ee_data[27] =3D=3D 0) { (as i 2.4.19)
and it works but I have not enough doc to fix this pb.

May be Ryan Bradetich could help us?


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