[parisc-linux] ["CSA Test Drive" <TestDrive@compaq.com>] FW: Some issues

John David Anglin dave@hiauly1.hia.nrc.ca
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 17:03:11 -0500 (EST)

> 2) The Debian HPPA box (spe170) seems to have alpha quality
> software.  Specifically, the FCNV,UDW,DBL instruction is
> apparently trapped, at least for certain input operand

I tried the program and I confirm the incorrect result under
hppa-linux.  The same code under hpux generates the correct
result.  The problem might be the wrong rounding mode is set
by glibc.  I believe that there was a recent fix for this.

I see no indication that the code traps on a PA8700.  I think
you would get a report in kern.log if the insn trapped due to
an unimplemented trap.  You might have the floating point
exception enables on causing traps on your machine.

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